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As a parent you are the first person to have a major influence on your child's reading habits.

Through Duffy Books in Homes you can get involved in their reading in so many different ways.

Check out some of the ideas on the right or look through some of the other resources in this section for ideas.



Help them choose

When your child receives their Book Offer brochure you can ask them which books they like, whether they have read something by that author before or whether you would like reading a particular book with them.

Get excited

When it's getting close to their Role Model assembly and book presentation kids love to see that their parents are just as excited as they are. Talk about the books that they ordered and who their special Role Model is going to be.

Take some time out

When your child brings home their new book or books, ask if they would like you to read with them (or to them if they have just started school). Reading to your kids is a wonderful way to improve their reading and also a great way to spend time together.

Get involved

Find out when the school is having their Role Model assembly, Duffy Theatre show or Mainfreight Award and join in the fun! Not only will these events give you a great insight into how the programme works in the school but it will you give you some great things to discuss with your child afterwards.

Give the gift of reading

Every November you will receive a catalogue from which you can choose a book or books to give to your child at Christmas time for a price much lower than you would find in a bookstore. Receiving a book as a present from you tells your child that reading is something worthwhile.

Support your school

Many schools are lucky enough to have the assistance of their parents in running the Duffy Books in Homes programme. You could offer to help label the books for a class, wrap the boxes of books in wrapping paper or even assist with the school's fundraising efforts. Any support you can offer the school is greatly appreciated.






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