Duffy schools and kids have written heaps of letters about what books mean to them.
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Every year, two groups of travelling actors journey from North Cape to Bluff bringing the message It's Cool to Read and Cool to Achieve to tens of thousands of Duffy kids.

With around 500 schools to reach each year this exciting live 45 minute show has become a Duffy institution and a highlight of many school calendars.

In previous years Duffy kids have been enthralled by shows such as Duffy - King of Books, Duffy and the Library Adventure and Duffy's Time Travel Mission 

In 2018 Duffy kids have the chance to experience a brand new show - written just for them.

This year we are hanging out with Duffy at school, we meet Duffy in the cloak bay where he is dealing with some pre-match nerves. He has made it into the school soccer (football) team and the butterflies in his stomach feel as though they may be a little more than nerves, lucky Duffy has a good book to keep him company in the wharepaku! But something is wrong, Duffy meets a young girl named Melanie who is having nightmares because she keeps watching scary movies and she is also being bullied at school. Duffy vows to help Melanie and through the power of reading, he shows both Melanie and her bully that they have a lot in common, they like the same stories and have the same struggles!

The Duffy Theatre on Facebook

Now you can check out what the two Duffy Theatre teams are up to on Facebook!  Like their page and let them know what you thought of the show or just find out what the actors get up to when they're not entertaining Duffy kids!

Duffy Theatre on Facebook 

Teacher Resources

Download the 2018 Duffy Theatre teacher resources  Read Your Heart Out

The Duffy Theatre Songs

There were some great songs performed by the Duffy Theatre in 2011.  So great that the Duffy Theatre decided to record them for you to enjoy for free! 

Just right click on the images or links below and choose 'Save Target As' to save the song to your computer in MP3 format.  You can then play it in iTunes or Windows Media Player or burn to a CD for use during Duffy assemblies and other activities.

Read Your Heart Out

Download Read Your Heart Out  Read Your Heart Out

Borrow Read Return

Download Borrow Read Return  Borrow Read Return

I Love My Job

Download I Love My Job  I Love My Job

Library Song

Download Library Song  Library Song

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