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Parent Resources

A message to you from our Duffy Role Models including Joseph Parker and more…

Challenge Header

Welcome to the new Duffy Reading Challenge. We have some great prizes & giveaways for you to win! Read as much as you can & track your reading minutes on your bookmarks. Whether at home or school, read anywhere to add more minutes every day.

If you didn’t get a bookmark, use our calendars below:

JNR Reading Challenge SNR Calendar

You can print these out & put them up on your wall.

Reading Minute Goals

600 Minutes.
Parents and teachers, we need your support! Read to or with your kids every day for 20 minutes.

1000+ Minutes.

Read at least 30min a day & it will be amazing what you will achieve!


Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown in 2022, we created resources and content to help parents keep their Duffy kids engaged in literacy. Feel free to have a browse of this page and keep an eye on our Facebook page and Youtube channel for updates.


Activities for each day of May that everyone can try out. Just click the image below to open up a full-size version that you can either print or save. To see April 2020's challenges, click here.

May Reading Challenge


Being a Duffy kid means you get a whole heap of books during your time at school and not everyone has a book shelf big enough to fit them all in! We have created a couple of ideas that can help you keep your Duffy books organised and safe. All you will need is some tape, a shoe box, cereal box or wooden crate and a whole heap of Duffy kid ingenuity.


You don't have to be on Tiktok to take on Duffy's dance challenge! Set some time aside to watch Duffy in the clip below and then see if you can learn the dance. The hip hop version of the Duffy song can be found on Spotify and Apple Music or head along to our School Resources page and scroll down.


Duffy normally wears a red tee, green hat and blue jeans but feel free to be as creative as you like! Just click on the Duffy you want to colour and a larger version will open to either print and colour or colour in on a computer.

Duffy 1 Duffy 2 Duffy 3


Thanks to Lisa Allen for providing these colouring pages exclusively for Duffy kids!

Reading Bear Reading Bee Reading Cat


We have created a couple of questionaires to help Duffy kids think a little deeper about the books they are reading. The first link below will lead Duffy kids through a book review where they can review a book they have finished recently and the second link will take you to the Duffy Reading Conference where kids can share some details about a book the are currently reading.

Book Review

Book Conference


We are creating short activity sheets to help Duffy kids fill some time, click the smaller image below to open the larger file or open the answers for the activity sheets below each thumbnail.  

Activity Sheet 1
Activity Sheet 2
Activity Sheet 2
Activity Sheet 3
Activity Sheet 3
Activity Sheet 4
Activity Sheet 4
Activity Sheet 5
Activity Sheet 5
Activity Sheet 6
Activity Sheet 6
Activity Sheet 7
Activity Sheet 7
Activity Sheet 8
Activity Sheet 8
Activity Sheet 9
Activity Sheet 9