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Become a Funding Partner - Support a School

Our funding partners make our programme possible. Duffy school funding partners come from all walks of life - large corporations, local businesses and families, individuals, clubs and other schools. What joins them is the desire to make a real difference in the lives of 

Your donations cover half the cost of the programme in the school and varies depending on the size of the school's roll. The total cost to fully support a school is approximately $13.56 per child, per year.

As a funding partner, you can be involved on whichever level works best for you. Some funding partners attend every Duffy assembly and might even have staff who volunteer at the school. Others prefer to just make a financial contribution.

Schools Needing a Funding Partner

We have schools around the country in need of a funding partner and the costs are per year (Last updated August 2022).

If you'd like to become a funding partner, please email [email protected] or give us a call on 09 259 5690
Schools Seeking Partners

Make a donation

You can also make a one-off or regular donation to support the work we do in schools around the country. All donations are gratefully received and ensure we can continue our work.