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Every year, two groups of travelling actors journey from North Cape to Bluff bringing the message It's Cool to Read and Cool to Achieve to tens of thousands of Duffy kids. With over 500 schools to reach each year this exciting live 45-minute show has become a Duffy institution and a highlight of many school calendars. In previous years Duffy kids have been enthralled by shows such as Duffy Meets a Coggen, Duffy and the Cloakbay Bully and Duffy - Stuck in the Game! This year Duffy kids have the chance to experience a brand new show - written just for them. 

Westpac presents

Theatre 2021

Directed by Jeff Szusterman, Written by Lauren Jackson

In the world of the play, it 's lock-down in Aotearoa due to covid-19. Duffy and Scruffy have gone off to their Auntie’s farm because both their parents are essential workers and we are with them each step of the way as they tackle online learning, hand sanitiser, and life on the farm. Duffy finds it really tough to stay with reading through this time and we see him go on an adventure that reminds him why he loves reading and why it’s so important for him to be the reading super hero that we all know he is. The show is designed to be a light hearted reflection on a pretty trying time for Duffy kids, with reading and books at the forefront. This year, our staging is also at the forefront, we are bring the back stage, on stage so that Duffy kids get to see all that goes into creating a play!

Meet the Actors!

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You can check out what the two Duffy Theatre teams are up to on Facebook!  Like their page and let them know what you thought of the show or just find out what the actors get up to when they're not entertaining Duffy kids!
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